Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement Ring
Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

We all heard that Prince William “popped the question” to Kate Middleton, and we know is that the promise ring she has on her finger once belonged to the late Princess Diana.

The sapphire ring surrounded with diamonds is the exact ring that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana when he proposed. The ring then was worth a whopping $40,000 but it’s worth more now.

The ring was placed back at Kensington Palace, Diana’s home, after her sad, sudden and surprising death. Prince Charles then took Prince William and Prince Harry there to take mementos of their mother.

Kate Middleton Replica Engagement Ring Royal
Kate Middleton Replica Engagement Ring Royal

Prince Harry chose the sapphire engagement ring and Prince William chose a valuable watch his mother used to teach him how to tell time.

Prince Harry thought that it would be right if the ring that once belonged to his mother should go on the finger of the future Queen.

The ring that once belonged to Princess Diana is now the Kate Middleton ring. The Kate Middleton engagement ring is so popular all over the world right now, the paparazzi hasn’t let up since the engagement was announced.

Taking those photos of Kate and her engagement ring is what’s selling those ‘super-market tabloids’. Kate used to wear, on occasion, a sterling silver ring but since the engagement, she hasn’t bothered to wear anything else on her fingers.

Prince William proposed to Kate on November 16, 2010 but didn’t announce it to the public until November 23, 2010.

It was rumored for quite some time that the two would eventually be married, and that Prince William gave Kate a promise ring; now the rumors can be put to rest and fact is, Prince William never gave Kate a promise ring.

The wedding date is set for April 29, 2011 and will be held at the Westminster Abbey, the day will be declared a bank holiday. Kate and Prince William met while studying together at the University of St. Andrews.

They started dating each other and Middleton was complaining how the media was harassing her. This is what’s led to believe that caused a brief separation of the two, but they soon reunited later that same year.

Prince William has taken Kate too many “royal events”, where Kate looked absolutely fabulous and being placed on the “best dress list” many times over.

Kate is known for having awesome taste when it comes to fashion and style and always looking beautiful. Choose gorgeous celebrity inspired jewelry such as Kate Middleton Replica Engagement Ring, cubic zirconia bracelet, etc. to make you more beautiful.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

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